Lydia Lazar

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* I can work with your students one-on-one or in classroom settings to enhance their personal career development strategies,

* I am happy to work with Career Services Staff Teams to develop innovative engagement programming, and

* I can offer clear, supportive and useful operations reviews to help Staff Teams get the most out of their time, their energy and their resources.


I have developed and delivered the graduate courses listed below, and welcome your requests for these or other customized courses and lectures:



Century of the City?
By Lydia Lazar | December 9, 2013

Will Technology Save or Sink Higher Ed?
By Lydia Lazar | November 26, 2013

Will Private Equity Save Higher Ed?
By Lydia Lazar | November 11, 2013

Meeting the Global Demand for Higher Ed
By Lydia Lazar | November 5, 2013

Earlier Publications

Babel in Bangkok,
Illinois State Bar Association Newsletter  (Spring 2007)

Stop the Genocide in Darfur: Bribe the Chinese! 
Illinois State Bar Association Newsletter (Winter 2006) 

NAFTA: Structural Damage to the Ship of State? 
2001 Employment Law Update, edited by Henry H. Perritt, Jr. 

NAFTA Dispute Resolution: Secret Corporate Weapon? 
Journal of Global Financial Markets, (Winter 2000).