Lydia Lazar

Consulting Services


* I can work with your students one-on-one or in classroom settings to enhance their personal career development strategies,

* I am happy to work with Career Services Staff Teams to develop innovative engagement programming, and

* I can offer clear, supportive and useful operations reviews to help Staff Teams get the most out of their time, their energy and their resources.

Senior Academic Leaders: I love to help universities and colleges succeed at the intersection of student support, career services and institutional advancement so that today's graduates become tomorrow's donors. I have extensive experience in the public, private and nonprofit sectors as an advisor to senior management, and have applied my strong analytical and communications skills to a wide variety of projects over the years. I am open to all sorts of projects, and am happy to leverage my international network in support of client objectives.

As a successful entrepreneur within academia, I can help clients develop new revenue streams and build global partnerships through creative, personalized outreach.  Let me apply my analytical and strategic thinking to your challenges to help deliver innovative, results-oriented, confidential operational reviews, implementation strategies, and overseas partnerships and programs.

Recent projects include:

* rethinking graduate admissions and career services operations, and helping develop integrated approaches to student services to increase engagement and support advancement goals,

* developing of a range of research proposals to address energy and water resource management challenges,

* leading outreach to potential academic partners in China, Thailand and throughout the world,

* reviewing legal and management challenges in existing global partnerships, and developing/ implementing effective strategies for enhanced operations and continued revenue growth.