Lydia Lazar

Consulting Services

Reach out to Lydia Lazar and LHL Consulting for thoughtful, confidential support for your recruitment, career services, international affairs and development teams. You can find more information at

Senior Academic Leaders: Lydia Lazar and her associates are committed to helping universities and colleges succeed at the intersection of student recruitment, student support, career services and institutional advancement so that today's graduates become tomorrow's donors.  LHL Consulting offers universities and colleges a strong team of professionals who bring robust international networks in support of client objectives.

LHL Consulting can help clients develop new revenue streams and build global partnerships through creative, targeted outreach.  Invite Lydia Lazar and her team to deliver innovative, results-oriented, confidential operational reviews, implementation strategies, and overseas partnerships and programs.

Recent projects include:

* rethinking graduate admissions and career services operations, and helping develop integrated approaches to student services to increase engagement and support advancement goals,

* reviewing legal and management challenges in existing global partnerships, and developing/ implementing effective strategies for enhanced operations and continued revenue growth.

Example: Career Services Team Support

LHL Consulting brings many years of experience to the challenge of ensuring that Career Services teams are operating at their best. Whether the dilemma is too few staff for the needs of the student population, too few students taking advantage of the services, or some other aspect of the all-too-common "no-win" situation many teams find themselves in, LHL Consulting can help you address the issues quickly, strategically and comprehensively. We can help you re-frame the problems, reconsider the options, and jumpstart your efforts to deploy new thinking - including when appropriate, new digital resources.

Example: Admissions Office/Enrollment Management Support

We live in challenging times - and every college and university is rethinking how they approach recruitment and enrollment management. LHL Consulting will bring proven analytical and operational insights to your challenges, and help you think - and act - your way forward to a clearer and brighter future. Our team is ready to listen and to make suggestions, connections and introductions for you that can help you chart a path to more sustainable and predictable student enrollment - both domestic and international.

Example: Dean Lydia Lazar campus visits
In her talks with students, Dean Lazar offers pragmatic advice, helping them find ways to develop the skills they need to have successful careers and fulfilling lives. She offers guidance on how they can take control of their time, their energy and their attention to achieve highly personal career objectives—on their own terms, in ways that lead to both happiness and success. She offers timely advice for navigating what comes next  - and she helps people prepare to move from strength to strength in the good times—while building resilience for the challenging times.

Dean Lazar’s Career Development Workshops: Interactive, Engaging and Optimistic Sessions

  • Customized topics and materials
  • Varying in length as needed: 45- 90 minutes
  • Stand Alone and Multiple/Sequenced sessions available


  • An Introduction to Career Thinking for Undergraduates
  • Pragmatic Steps for First Years and Sophomores
  • Pragmatic Steps for Juniors and Seniors
  • Storytelling and Networking – an interactive workshop

      Sample topics:

  • Storytelling and Networking
  • How to Work with Career Services
  • Meeting Your Professors
  • How to Use School Breaks
  • Establishing a Professional Identity on Social Media
  • Internships and Part Time Work
  • Widening Your Scope
  • Effectively Using Social Media
  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Prioritizing Your Time