Lydia Lazar


Welcome and thanks for visiting my home site.

For information about my career and professional experiences, please review the Outreach and Biography pages of this site.

I can be reached at lydialazar@gmail for any consulting inquiries. I continue to engage with a wide range of topics, and I am interested in using my analytical, business development and networking skills to support work in areas including but not limited to regenerative agriculture, women's leadership/empowerment, international student recruitment and career counseling.

My career guidance book is available on Amazon, in a new "pandemic, 2020" edition - and please note that this latest edition is available as an e-book.

Dean Lazar's Golden Guide: Pragmatic Career Advice for Everyone is designed for anyone who wants to find opportunities to be paid to think and to continue to develop their skills while making a contribution to the work of a larger enterprise. The tone and approach is supportive, warm and engaging. Students and young professionals, both domestic and international, will benefit from reading through the Guide multiple times over the early years of their careers, and they will come back time and again to its actionable advice and suggestions.