Lydia Lazar

Dean Lazar’s Golden Guide

Pragmatic Career Advice for Smart Young People

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Dean Lazar's Golden Guide: Pragmatic Career Advice for Smart Young People is designed for all young people who want to find opportunities to be paid to think and to continue to develop their skills while making a contribution to the work of a larger enterprise. The tone and approach is supportive, warm and engaging. Students and young professionals, both domestic and international, will benefit from reading through the Guide multiple times over the early years of their careers, and they will come back time and again to my actionable advice and suggestions.

Some may define pragmatism as the “opposite” of idealism, but I think the best way to think about it is to see pragmatic thinking as practical and pro-active, in support of your ideals and dreams. Pragmatic behavior is self regarding but certainly not selfish, and this Golden Guide will help those who want to be efficient with their time, effective with their efforts, and successful in their careers and in their lives.

Career Services Teams: Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to engage and activate your students around career exploration strategies? Invite me to campus and I can lead interactive sessions with your students using materials from the Golden Guide (as well as other resources.) Discounts available for bulk purchases of the Golden Guide. Please don't hesitate to email me at for more information and to set up a time to talk about how I can help you help your students!